No purchase necessary. Vehicle offer is good for 7 days or 350 miles from the date the vehicle was appraised. Offer is subject to inspection of the vehicle. In the event a competing licensed Utah dealer provides a higher written offer with no purchase necessary terms, Low Book Sales must be given the opportunity to beat the other dealerships offer.

Proof of lien release and sale to competing dealer must be provided to receive the $250 guarantee. Not all vehicles qualify for the $250 guarantee. Non-qualifying vehicles include the following: (1) over 10 years old; (2) branded title such as salvage, rebuilt, flood, fire, theft recovery, and the lemon law; (3) true mileage is unknown; (4) over 150,000 miles; (5) unsatisfactory history reports; (6) hail damage; (7) less than $1,000 in appraisal value; or (8) severely abused vehicles. Accepted offers must provide the original title free and clear of liens, a driver’s license, and a completed 10 day payoff authorization form.

If the original title is not available, the vehicle owner must help Low Book Sales apply for a duplicate title and pay all associated state fees.


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