10 Cars Your Dad Would Be Driving If You’d Never Been Born

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Happy Fathers Day! – See What Dad Might Be Driving If He’d Never Had Kids

If you’ve ever caught dad checking out other, sexier cars as he drove you around in the family SUV, that’s probably more than just admiration. He’s picturing what could have been, if only he hadn’t had to factor in space for a car seat or multiple car seats. He’s envisioning his life as a freewheeling bachelor, zooming around in his two-seat convertible with just his wits and no obligations.

Life had something else in store for your father, though. And so these visions will have to remain in the world of fantasy.

So to celebrate father’s day, here are 10 cars that your dad might be riding around in if you’d never been born. These are the vehicles that are ideal for a bachelor, but as we become parents we move on to more utilitarian cars. Of course, dads drive their midsize SUVs and minivans with pride, but there’s still a small, hidden corner of our hearts that longs for one of these sleeker, sexier vehicles.

Dodge Charger

Your dad probably watched The Dukes of Hazzard as a young boy, and there’s no doubt that he fantasized about driving a Dodge Charger decked out like the General Lee. Perhaps he pictured himself flying through the air in his very own Charger. In fact, your dad probably considered buying one for himself at some point in his life, but decided against it in favor of the Dodge Caravan he currently uses to chauffeur his snot-nosed munchkins around in.


Ford Mustang

There isn’t a boy alive in the US who hasn’t dreamt about owning a Ford Mustang. These classic muscle cars are as popular as they ever were, and your dad sees them often enough to feel a twinge of regret every time one passes him in the fast lane. Whether it’s a vintage classic, or a brand new Mustang right off the lot, you know that the man driving it is free from parental obligations.


Porsche Boxster

Why would a man ever need more than two seats in his sports car? Well, your father did as soon as you were born, which officially put to rest his dreams of owning a Porsche Boxter. These sleek sport compacts were hugely influenced by the legendary Porsche Spider. The Boxster features a convertible top and just two seats–the perfect amount for driving around town with your special lady, and no one else.


Ford F-150

A man and his truck is a beautiful relationship, but when you start to add more people to the equation (like a girlfriend, kids, etc.) it’s just not the same anymore. If your dad loves to work with his hands and get things done, he’d probably much rather be holding the wheel of a Ford F-150 than anything with a “third row” of seating. Of course, many of our fathers do own big trucks, and we love them all the more for it. Just don’t expect him to pick up the kids from daycare in his F-150.


Chevy Corvette Stingray

The Corvette Stingray has a special place in American sports car lore, and many a man has envisioned himself speeding down the highway in a Stingray with a beautiful woman by his side. Of course, that dream never included a few kiddos in the back, so your dad was never lucky enough to be able to park one of these sports cars in his driveway.


Jeep Wrangler

Men love to drive Jeeps, especially if they think about “roads” and “car doors” as suggestions rather than requirements. A single man in a Jeep is ready for just about any adventure, with the possible exception of caring for an infant. Offroading with a carseat in the back isn’t exactly the best way to rock your baby to sleep.


Chevrolet Camaro

Everyone notices when a Camaro drives by. It has the kind of appeal that makes a man forget his obligations and responsibilities. It makes him want to hit the open road without a care in the world, or drive hours on end until he reaches a stretch of secluded beach. Unfortunately, the reality of being a father soon hits him, and he has to put aside his dreams of driving a Chevrolet Camaro–at least for the time being.


BMW 3 Series

Alright, we admit it’s possible for a father to drive his kids around in a BMW 3 Series, and he’ll look pretty stylish doing so. However, don’t count on him letting his teenagers take it for a spin–those keys are going to be on lock-down. The 3 Series is packed with a whole lot of German engineering, which could spell disaster if left in the wrong (16-year-old) hands.


Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

Interesting enough, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are essentially the same car–but they’re undeniably cool. Your dad is probably impressed by how affordable a used FR-S or BRZ can be, but ultimately these cool little sports cars are just impractical for a father with children in tow. It’s too bad; he’d turn a lot of heads cruising downtown in one of these bad boys.


Nissan Z

Sexy little sports cars are perfect for men going through a midlife crisis, and a Nissan Z could be just the ticket. Too bad your father will have to wait until all the kids have flown the coup before he gets his hands on one of these two-seaters.


Who is your dad now? Well, he’s probably a little something like this…

A little less “sexy” isn’t it? This is only one of many things your father has likely given up because of you. So be sure you show your old man the appreciation he deserves this Father’s Day.

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